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Gratitude for Furry Friends

Gratitude for Furry Friends

Today I’m inspired to write. Just to share pieces of me. These random thoughts. The feelings that sometimes I even let go unnoticed. This morning I got a call from my Dad at 5am. I heard the buzz of my phone vibrating and barely opened my eyes as I reached over to my night stand to grab my phone. Who is calling me so early? When I saw it was my Dad my heart sank and panic set in. I don’t receive calls from anyone at 5am, let alone a family member. What was wrong? Thankfully, nothing was wrong. He was on his way to work and saw a small bunny rabbit on the side of the road on a busy street we both live by. We live in Las Vegas and even at 5am it’s 90+ degrees outside, and why was there a bunny in the street? A little side note, I am such a huge animal lover. My wife and I have 4 cats and 2 rabbits at home, all rescued. 80% of my heart is filled with love for animals of all kinds. One day I hope to be able to home and love as many animals as possible. My first reaction was to get up and go and get this bunny, so I did. I threw my shirt on (inside out I came to find out a few hours later) put on some sweatpants and grabbed what I needed to get the bunny (an animal carrier and a handful of lettuce) Thankfully the place where this bunny was was literally 1 1/2minutes from my house. My dad had gotten the rabbit out of the street and now it was in someone’s yard. He left for work and I got out of my car. My heart was racing, worried I wouldn’t be able to catch it or it would run into the street again with a high risk of being hit by a car. I got on me knees and held out my hand full of greens. She saw me and started to hop towards me. She was filthy. She was hungry. I set the greens down about a foot between her and I and she started to eat. I knew I had to grab her quickly. Rabbits are extremely sensitive and extremely scared animals. They are ALWAYS prey and always have been, so can you blame them? It only took me one quick grab and she was in my arms. She didn’t fight me, didn’t squirm or try to run away. I think she knew she was safe. I grabbed my keys and put her in my car, in the animal carrier with more greens. She didn’t fuss, just sat and ate. I got home and my wife had already gotten out our extra pen and was setting up a litter box for her in the living room. I couldn’t be more grateful to have a partner who is as loving and caring towards animals as myself. We got Pinky (her new name for now) all set up and I hopped on the couch to try and go back to sleep. I wanted to be near her so she felt safe. Our cats sniffed around the cage to check her out. I watched and then slowly fell back to sleep on the couch for a few hours. When I woke up and got up Pinky was happy to see me, standing on her hind legs looking up at me from her pen. I got in the pen with her and gave her a little bath with a damp wash cloth. She let me hold her and wipe her down with no fuss. She is all white and has one ear that flops down to the side. She is so sweet and loves to sit in my lap. I am taking her to our vet tomorrow to get a check up so we can introduce her to her new bunny brothers Sal and Tony. It’s crazy how these things happen, when you least expect it. Bunny totems represent a celebration of life, abundance, comfort and vulnerability. As I sit here in the middle of the busiest mall in my city, I am overwhelmed with the reminder this sweet creature has brought into my life. To LIVE life to the fullest, to see the abundance and love that is around me and to know that I am safe. I am so grateful for the signs the universe shares with me every single day. Find blessings in all the is around you. There is good in everything you see.

Love & Light, Ash

(Photos of baby Pinky to come)

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