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Kris Blunt

Hey everyone! This is my first blog post that includes my two biggest passions in life, Yoga + Photography! I wrote in my bio about how amazing it is to be able to bring my two passions together and create beautiful yoga images for fellow yogis & yoga instructors. I’ve been so lucky to shoot with this beautiful woman, Kris Blunt, who is the founder of Vegas Gone Yoga, the most wonderful yoga festival in Las Vegas, my home town. Kris and I took a little adventure to some abandoned train cars on the South side of the valley and were able to have a lot of fun making shapes in and around the abandoned cars. I love all of the lines Kris was able to create with her body in the yoga poses she chose. I love this location because its so rustic and urban, showing lightness and darkness all in one space, very similar to how yoga allows us to see both the light and the dark within ourselves.


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